Country Liquor

Country Liquor is a mass market product with 33-35% of alcohol by volume. 180ml is most popular SKU in north India with an MRP ranging from Rs.25-30.


The Indian country liquor market is about 242 million cases (over 30% of the beverage industry in India) with a growth rate of about 7% per annum.



Globus Spirits has been marketing its country liquor brands since 1994. The brands include:

  • Rana
  • Rajasthan no.-1
  • Ghoomar
  • Samalkha no.-1
  • Samalkha Ki Saunfi
  • Kinnu
  • Commander

With the merger of Associated Distilleries, the Haryana and Delhi market share increased to 20% and 25% respectively.


Globus Spirits Ltd. has grown at a higher rate than the industry average in all existing markets in North India. The Industry (North India) has recorded double digit growth in Country Liquor, unlike the rest of the country, where the overall growth in Country Liquor has been fairly stagnant. Globus Spirits aims to consolidate its position in this market by Branding Country Liquor and marketing it like IMFL with variants and flavours. With continued focus on quality and cost, it plans to remain competitive in the Country Liquor Market.


Further, Globus Spirits intends to extend the depth of distribution coverage for reaching untapped markets and increase penetration in more states - by setting up manufacturing capacity in other locations.